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Warm Winter Holiday time!

I will share my feelings about how we can make ourselves happy at the beginning of the winter dark season, because we create a bright and warm winter holiday ourselves!

By bright holidays I mean those, who light hearts and share this feeling with as many people as possible. In my opinion, the trends in how to decorate are changing and individual to each family.

I think it is important to give in to naturalness and organicity. Use of greenery, cinnamon sticks, mandarins (dried and / or fresh) and cones. The flowers can be matched with mandarins and cinnamon sticks and form a brownish-orange hue that alternates with greenery.

Did you know that the wreath of Advent has been a symbolic Christian tradition for almost two centuries, and during Advent the wreath is lit by one candle every Sunday, symbolizing the victory of light over darkness?

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