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Some of my picks from Milan Design Week 2023

Milan Design Week is the biggest annual design event in the world, hosting the largest furniture fair Salone del Mobile. This year it took place from 18th - 23rd of April. See below some of my favorites from the event.

Bonaldo, Youpi, design Fabrice Berrux

"Youpi is a hymn to conviviality and the joy of being together. Seen from behind, the profile calls to mind the image of a stylized human figure, ready to welcome you in a comfortable embrace."

Mariantonia Urru, Ortigu, design Mario Cucinella Architects

"The ORTIGU collection takes inspiration from the bark of the cork, a plant characteristic of the Mediterranean maquis that characterises the landscape of the whole of northern Sardinia and various wooded areas on the island. Mariantonia Urru created this rug and pillows using the Pibiones technique, which consists of twisting thick yarn around the needles on the loom, to create the grains' raised effect that remind the shape of grapes (pibiones in Sardinian), creating positive and negative space as well as shadows, thus giving the rug its distinct texture."

"The Effetto 71 Ping Pong table transforms the sports with its crystal table top.Far from fragile, the transparent material is rock solid and the ball bounces smoothly for a fast, fluid game. Convertible into a minimal living room table."

Arper, Ralik, design Ichiro Iwasaki

"Beauty takes many shapes. Pouf, seat with backrest, and bench, Ralik is a fully modular system with elements that can be used in conjunction or apart, as life demands."

Minotti at Salone del Mobile.Milano 2023, ph. Luca Quagliato

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