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What should be taken into account when creating a sustainable interior design?

Modern trends in almost all industries are towards sustainability, and for each of us it is becoming necessary to form these habits as the "new normal" everyday life. A study published in the Journal of Sustainable Built Environment explains that environmentally sustainable interior design refers to the use of aesthetic principles and strategies that provide benefits on a global scale.

What are the common characteristics of sustainable design?

  • Use environmentally friendly products;

  • Protect and save water;

  • Improve the quality of the indoor environment;

  • Optimize operational and maintenance practices.

In addition, when creating an interior design of a specific style, it is possible to think about the choice of materials as green as possible. Design Advice, SBID (2021) notes that Rustic and Scandinavian-inspired design styles encourage the use of reclaimed wood to provide material for furniture, flooring or shelving. Recycled metal lends itself to an industrial style that can add dimension and texture to any space, while being sustainably sourced. In the continuation of the article, we will look at environmentally friendly interior products and their characteristics.

Furniture and finishing materials made sustainably:

• One of the most well-known recycled products is the IKEA chair. Both reclaimed wood shavings and recycled plastic have been used to develop the chair.

• Terracotta floor material produced in Italy at Il Ferrone, which has developed a completely sustainable product production process.

• A table whose pixelated surface is made of small pieces of 100% recycled household and industrial plastic. To quote the manufacturer's website, "Bit can be used as a pedestal for a flower arrangement, as a side table for a lamp or as an impromptu seat for an unexpected dinner guest."

• Denimtex is a company that wants to improve the environment and by reducing CO2 emissions, it offers denim and other textiles in wall decorations to extend the life of the textiles.

• Environmentally friendly paint for wood is produced right here in Latvia. Paint Eco company uses natural linseed oil in production.

• Stonethica is a company that creates slabs obtained from marble processing waste. The company's website says that "Stonethica was born as a production of stone materials in an ecologically sustainable cycle: the pieces left over from the processing of marble and natural stone are recycled and assembled into Stonethica slabs thanks to non-toxic two-component resins."


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