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Brighten up the interior with iconic furniture

When furnishing a room, the question arises, what kind of furniture would be sustainable and give added value? Very often, it is iconic furniture that is valued more in the long term, and looking at such an interior creates a sense of respect for this interior space and environment. Below I review a couple of iconic pieces of furniture that are reborn in a new, modern material and design.

  • Louis Ghost chair - The shape is inspired by the chair of Louis XV, in the Baroque era, reinterpreted by Philippe Starck to surprise, inspire and deceive. Despite its evanescent and crystalline image, Louis Ghost is stable and weather-resistant and stackable, the chair is made of polycarbonate that has been injected into a mold. A very charismatic product with huge aesthetic appeal.

  • Chesterfield Sofa - The term "Chesterfield" was used in the 1800s. Featuring a buttoned, low back and high arm design, this classic sofa can be found everywhere from private homes to luxury hotels.

  • Four-poster bed – While historically four-poster beds included a luxurious canopy of curtains and fabrics to enclose the bed, modern designs include bare frames. Whether traditional or contemporary, four-poster beds are luxurious and romantic.

  • Barcelona Chair - This chair was designed in 1929 by Mies van der Rohe for the German Exhibition Pavilio at that year's Barcelona Fair. The simple steel frame supports leather straps, which in turn support seat and back cushions covered in tufted leather. Considered one of the classic designs of the modern movement, this chair is widely produced and used.

(c) Image credits - Luis Ghost - Kartell, Four-poster bed - Emily Henderson, Barcelona Chair - Unknown, Chesterfield Sofa - Unsplash

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