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Trends in interior design

We live in such a changing time and in a very large information space, so it is worth to look at how it affects interior design and future trends. As much information as there is about the direction of design, I will try to outline, in my opinion, the most important directions. As far as I've seen, the trends in the interior encourage people to return to themselves, the big trends are emerging - returning to oneself and nature, modern technologies and their possibilities, open, global space invites the features of different cultures, and the current pandemic encourages people to pay attention to their everyday environment. and an office at home.

Man and our inner being are at the center right now, a return to our authentic self, so interior trends are more focused on how to return to ourselves. The emphasis is on natural materials, fabrics, colors that bring nature closer - stone, wood, linen, earth or green tones, houseplants. People want to return to themselves and nature to recharge. There is also a trend towards eco and natural materials. This could certainly be attributed to today's vast amount of information, technologies that take up energy on a daily basis and require more frequent restarts.

Today's available technologies definitely mark the future trends in interior design. Materials and furniture are available in a very futuristic look or finish. At the moment, we are living with the legacy of the past, but with a step into the future of technology, where materials are taking on new forms and what has seemed so unattainable so far is now commonplace. Artificial intelligence and Virtual Reality allow us to imagine ahead of time what our space might look like, the end result of the design process. 3D printers allow you to print furniture details, so it is possible to get, say, classic furniture in a new look and material.

With the ability to travel quickly and easily, people are inspired by different cultures, which are also beginning to appear in interiors. A mixture of cultures, features of different countries, materials and interior elements, fabric patterns characterizing the culture enter the interior. What I have noticed the most is that the patterns and colors of the southern countries appear both in the fabrics and in the finishes of the furniture. At the moment, we can really buy cultural elements from the different countries.

Of course, due to the pandemic, a completely new trend is remote working, or office from home. Now, and certainly in the near future, shows the changes that the pandemic has brought. People are turning to their homes with a new perspective on how their home is now becoming a multifunctional environment and a kind of "office home". In the Internet environment, you can see various suggestions on how to ergonomically arrange your office, how to separate it visually from the rest of the room. Definitely the trend will continue and become a new modern reality.

The world is changing extremely fast and it is definitely a question of how we keep up with this change. The trends that were planned two years ago certainly did not anticipate the office home environment, but now it is a new reality. Returning to your self through an interior with natural materials, rapidly growing technology and a mix of materials, furniture and cultures - these trends in interior design are changing our environment, so that we can change with us.

Maybe there are other trends in interior design that are definitely worth mentioning? And do you follow the trends and implement them in your daily life?

Pictures represent each of the trends:

Man and Nature - Susie Frazier - Designing for Wellness

Modern technology - Wax fitness mirror

Inspiration from different cultures - Yinka Ilori Studio

Home Office - Arcitectural Digest

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