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Let's be inspired by art and colors, Exhibition "Pole, Pole!” by Ieva Bondare

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

I personally had the honor of meeting Ieva Bondare, Latvian artist in the design showroom “Trentini” and, in a relaxed atmosphere with a coffee, enjoy her story and colors through paintings about Africa, especially Kenya.

The exhibition is inspired by African people, their lifestyle, colors and emotions. "Pole, pole" means "slowly, slowly" in a language of Swahili.

To quote Ieva, “My childhood dream of traveling to Africa was first fulfilled in 2019. The first country on my list was South Africa, and already there and just then I knew that Africa would take a special place in my heart. People live differently there, and the colors shine very differently in the bright rays of the sun.”

When enjoying exhibition, we could sense that paintings seem to prevail over the showroom space. But understanding, that nature and its colors in Africa are bolder than in Europe, these feelings were fantastically transferred to the existing space and a mixture of energy has been created.

In general, looking at artwork, I could get the glimpse into daily lives of local people and get an inspiration to plan a trip to Africa to gather my own local experience!

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