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Interior and self-confidence

"The interior is a natural projection of the soul" / Coco Chanel /

Very often interior design is perceived as a simple aesthetic space solution or a background for our daily activities. However, it is necessary to understand that we have five basic senses, and the sixth unconfirmed sense is intuition. We live every day not only by perceiving things visually, but also by the senses. The environment around us, in a way, determines our behavior - it can improve the quality of life and build self-confidence.

Everyday life and the surrounding space can shape our behavior and values, our daily habits and rituals. The lighting, colors, layout, scale, proportion, materials and acoustics of the room encourage us to follow certain patterns of behavior. A beautifully decorated party room will give us a festive mood. A grounded, darker room with dimmed lighting will encourage relaxation. Properly lit, ergonomically designed meeting room will allow us to focus and create a successful business experience. Also, different color tones cause certain emotions and behaviors. When choosing colors, it is important to consider what atmosphere we want to create and which colors will help to achieve the desired goal. Soothing colors like blue help you feel relaxed. Bright tones, such as red or orange, will charge vigorously. Neutral colors such as gray or light beige will give us a peaceful mood. The right choice of finishing materials for the premises is the key. A natural material, like wood or stone, in the ground and gives physical contact with nature and the present moment. In addition, glass symbolizes transparency and light. The metal gives lightness and helps to concentrate.

The described nuances are read through the senses and our behavior naturally adapts to the interior of the room. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to how the room is designed.

Does it provide a sense of space - relaxing or active enough?

Is it well organized, functional enough and spacious? Successful interior design can give us comfort and, consequently, raise the quality of life.

Interior design is definitely one of the ways to shape our environment so that it highlights the best of us, raises our quality of life and self-confidence in general. We spend a lot of time indoors and the design of the premises is important to us every day. It is definitely worth pausing to think about what the environment means to us and what kind of "fair" it gives us. Does the space we are in every day highlight our best?

What are your thoughts?

Do you feel that success, quality of life and self-confidence are related to the environment, a space where we spend a lot of time on a daily basis?

Pictures from the home of Karin Bohn / House of Bohn, an interior designer who inspires me everyday.

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