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Design notes Vol.2 - Rome, Italy

Some time ago, I was approached by a couple living in Rome, Italy. They needed to furnish an apartment, separating several areas for living and working. It is worth mentioning that, looking at the pictures, you can see the Italian interior design - terrazzo on the floor, white walls, terrace overlooking the cross street. Overall, the apartment is bright and sunny. Since I have been in Rome, then in addition to the consultation, I had memories of how very warm Italy is, with its traditional cuisine, historical atmosphere and people who radiate pleasant energy.

In Italy it is very typical to invite friends, family to themselves and celebrate at a common table set with traditional Italian cuisine. It was also one of the preconditions for consultation - to have a place for the table. In general, the apartment is small, and you should definitely think about how to combine the furniture so that it is comfortable, multifunctional and practical.

During the consultation, we looked at two layout options, where the main change was in the position of the bed. Furniture in this case, when the area of ​​the room is small, should be considered compact or even possibly ordered according to special sizes and those that serve only this apartment and its inhabitants. The table, which will be both for meals and as a work area, was recommended with the possibility to pull out and expand. So that when guests gather, the table could be placed in the middle of the room and used as the main element of the room during gathering. In order to save space, the possibility of using the mezzanine shelves for books or any other belongings that are not needed on a daily basis but takes up space was considered.

In general, during the consultation, clients were inspired and ideas were taken to furnish the premises. It is a great pleasure that thanks to modern technologies it is possible to cooperate, inspire and consult people in different countries of the world.

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