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Design notes Vol.1

When it comes to design processes and the end result, however, so much remains behind the scenes. The design process does not always end with a beautiful portfolio and pictures - there are changes for the client, changes in preferences. Other times the ideas remain on paper, because there have been so many of them and everyone is great, but we are already realizing the one we have chosen.

It is also worth mentioning the consultations we offer - it is the generation of ideas and recommendations that take place on site or remotely. It is definitely worth writing about solved design problems, highlighting and showing creative design processes, as these articles can inspire readers of our blog to focus on their space and its layout. The idea has arisen for a series of articles called "Design Notes" on our lifestyle blog and each article will be separated, but together they will be united under the title "Design Notes Vol. X".

A little mention of the upcoming articles, I have something to tell you about the layout of the apartment in Rome, Italy.

The concept & design of two different children's rooms and its functionality,

As well as an article about the apartment of 90.0 m2 living room on the attic floor and main design principles used.

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