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Your confidence begins at home, so connect with us for comfort and luxury!

We visualize and create.

We build and inspire.

We pride ourselves on creating the best modern interiors & exteriors.

Design & Décor is a fast-growing entrepreneurship – the brainchild of Aivita O., that has been providing extraordinary interior design services to their clients for more than 10 years now.

Well regarded and respected in the industry, our qualitative aesthetics and craftsmanship have withstood the test of time, letting us expand beyond the boundaries of Riga, Latvia into a more globalized network over the years. To this date, we’ve completed projects in Switzerland, England, and more!

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with a fresh perspective, taking their raw ideas and transforming them into a vision that inspires. We create spaces that are emulate casual luxury, providing a livable ambiance for our clients without compromising on all the tiny details that make up the whole.

Design Philosophy

We, at Design & Décor work on the concept of “Modern Luxury.” It’s a unique concept that takes the raw starkness of Modernism and gives it a casual edge. After all, clean lines and austerity may seem like cool concepts, but there is more to invest when you want to make a house a home.

When we design a space, we curate it in simple, sophisticated, naturally appealing tones. We keep the design “modern”, add in contemporary details, and emulate an intrinsic sort of luxury within the space through small, barely noticeable touches.

We keep it timeless, and clients know that the value they get is a wholesome investment.

Our Team

At present, our team is comprised of three highly skilled, ambitious and professional members. We have a very clear vision on how we can add value to our client’s spaces with our interior designs. Let us introduce ourselves:

Creative Director Aivita

As Creative Director and Principle Designer, Aivita is the component, that holds everyone together. As the founding member of this practice, she’s very hands-on with her projects and spends a lot of time working with the main design team, communicating with clients on a daily basis on a number of projects.

Aivita received a First Class Honors Degree in Bachelor of Arts from the University of Portsmouth and has, over the course of years, worked with award-winning architecture and interior design studios like ACG Architects, England and Neoklasika, Riga. She also has extensive knowledge of kitchen designing and project management through her stint at Allmilmo!

Aivita has received many awards over the course of her career, including the RIBA , Hampshire Prize of Best Integration of Construction with Design (2013) and RIBA, President’s Medals Nominee.

Managing Director Normunds

Normunds strategic lead is truly imperative in how we lead every project. His extensive experience is unparalleled in regard for our company’s management and operative activities. In addition to providing excellent leadership, he also partakes in communications about design materials and pricing. Key Designer Ralfs

Ralfs’ ingenuity comes from his contemporary take on design. He believes in the conceptual approach to designing spaces and his fresh take on each project never fails to provide our clients with a new perspective. He has extensive command over 3D rendering and can help you see how your space might look before final execution!

Why Us?

- Vision: We strive to empower our clients by taking the ideas that they have to offer and building on them. We are an uplifting community that designs timeless space that our clients can enjoy without ever feeling outdated.

- Mission: Our mission revolves around positively influencing the lives of our clients. The spaces that we design not only inspire, but also elevate hearts and minds. We always emphasize quality and excellent from the very first stage of the design to the last one.

- Values: At Design & Décor, we offer our clients the best of all worlds. From trust and integrity to discretion and excellence, we take every word that you say to heart and try to create spaces that speak to your soul.

- Collaboration: We believe that every space is it is the reflection of its resident. Therefore, we don’t just bank on the talent of the designer, but we also take great pains in establishing a successful and collaborative relationship with each client.

- Versatility: We are experts at designing all genres of interiors, be it residential, commercial, corporate, retail or more. To date, we’ve worked with private, commercial clients, and developers. Our design work varies from small bespoke furniture pieces to specialized interior settings, home elevations and façade designs.

We invest in our talent, so we pride ourselves on proposing the best solutions and offers to our clients. Please contact us for future design projects and we’ll consult you on when it’d be best to opt for an interior designer, give you an overall cost estimate, and provide you with a process timeline.

Come have a chat with us and we’ll treat you like our family! Contact us for future design projects, we will consult you on when it would be best to consider interior designer and estimate on a high level costs & process timeline.

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